The Da Vinci Code

In the execrable Da Vinci Code, which is based on the pseudo-historical The Holy Blood Holy Grail, the resurrection and the divinity of Yeshua (Jesus) are denied. The idea is that the Frankish-Salian Merovingian Kings are the descendants of Yeshua through Mary of Magdalene. The last of the Merovingians  was apparently Dagobert II (676 – 679), but a hoaxer named Pierre Plantard forged documents and somehow persuaded people that the line continued beyond that time, and that he was himself a descendant of that line.

The subtext of this book/film is the the central idea of many heresies – the denigration of Yeshua to the level of a man. Death, sex and reproduction are the trinity of mortality, the glaring and painful signs of man’s subservience to death. There is the hint of contradiction in the implication in the Da Vinci Code that Yeshua could perform miracles -for miracles are a sign that the performer has the non-human ability to reverse entropy, and potentially to reverse death itself- but the central contradiction is this: if Yeshua resurrected, then he is a divine being and has no need of flesh and blood descendants; and if does have need of descendants, then he is not a divine being. Putting aside the objection that if one were bent on choosing some blood line as representative of the spirit and power of Yeshua on earth, one would hardly choose a group of barbaric tyrants like the Franks as instantiating such a line, there is nothing remarkable about the the bloodline of any mortal man.